Okro soup and stew

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 12 Mins Cook Time: 58 Mins Total Time: 1 Hr 10 Mins

Plain Okro soup and stew, a yoruba delicay popularlly known as obe ila ati obe ata.  Youruba has a unique way of preparing obe ata (stew) with palm oil, ata rodo , fresh tomatoes and tatashe, while the okro will be prepared without palm oil.




fresh pepper (atarodo) 

fresh tomatoes 



red oil

Goat meat


dry fish

salt  and stock cubes

locust beans



wash ponmo, goat meat, dry fish  put in  a clean pot season it with stock cube powder, salt and onion and boil in a medium heat for 35 minutes.

wash your fresh pepper, ata-rodo, fresh tomatoes and tatashe and grind it in a blended or use a grinding stone it which by the way has a better taste.  Chop your onion  nicely, fry  the blended paste with onion in red oil.

fry for 15 minutes, add salt and stock cube for taste. add your goat meat, ponmo, dry fish and stir together with the stew. Allow to cook for 2 more minutes.

grate the okro with a grater

put 0.15cl of goat meat broth  in a clean pot add your crayfish, locust beans, pinch salt for taste allow to cook for 5 minutes then add the okro and stream for 1 minute  and its ready to serve.

dish your okro in a plate dish out the stew on top of the okro.

serve with and swallow of your choice

we are eating the soup with pounded yam

Cut your yam and peel it,  wash the yam put it in a blinder add water and blind to paste.

put clean pot in a fire, pour the blinded yam paste in the pot and turn with a wooden spoon against the edge of the pot  to form swallow.

mud to a round shape and serve out with the soup and stew.




0/11 Ingredients


0/1 Instructions
  • Wash the tatashe, ata rodo, onion,fresh tomatoes and blend in a blender
  • Preparing your stew





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