Potato dish

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 22 Mins Total Time: 32 Mins

Potato dish has become a norm with anyone that is on a weight loss journey if eaten with other vegetables. It is an ideal choice for people dieting as it offers good energy to  your body.

potato is a good source of fibre which you need in your diet. It support digestive system,prevent colon cancer and support free bowl movement.

Potatoes supply the body with carbohydrate, potassium,vitamin C, B6, Fat,zinc, little amount of protein, sodium and is  cholesterol free.

Potatoes contain calcium, iron, phosphorus It gives you the energy you need for the day activities.

It is a vegetable that good amount of potassium to fuel your body and brain all day.

if you love heathy eating, watching weight, loss some weight, this meal will fit into your lifestyle.

Mixing potatoes with other vegetables will give you that balance diet you are looking for in a meal.

Vegetables like carrot, bell pepper, beans, onions, garlic, turmeric, fresh pepper and fresh tomatoes.

Potato dish can be prepared to your own taste as long as you are adding some vegetables to it,

Feeding children mash potato, mix with mash boiled egg and mix mash vegetables will improve the skin health, brain and the body system generally.

Quick recipe and method of cooking this dish.

Peel your Irish potatoes, put in a pot and cook in a low heat.

Watch the vegetables you want to add and cut them to the shape you want.

Blend garlic, fresh pepper and tumeric in a blender.

Bring a pan, add vegetable oil, onions and stir fry for some minutes.

Add your blended salt, stock cube garlic, tumeric and fresh pepper, mix them well.

Cook only for 2 minutes,

Boil egg or fish, anyone you are comfortable with,use it.

Pour your boil potatoes inside the vegetables, mix them and serve with boiled egg or fish.







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