Pitanga cherry

Yields: 1 Serving

Pitanga cherry is a tropical fruit that has a sweet sour taste. It belong in a family of myrtaceae. It is packed with much nutrients that is beneficial to the body.

Pitanga cherry is rich in antioxidants that help prevent free radicals that are the major causes of diseases and inflammation.

Vitamin C in pitanga cherry helps prevent heart ailment and other cardiac issues.

Lower the risk of mouth,lungs,throat,stomach,esophagus,vocal chord and rectum cancer.

The vitamin A in the fruit helps provide moisture to the skin,prevent skin ailment,helps the skin tissues,boost immune system,boost eyes health and a good remedy for cold and cough.

Reduces acne,improve the skin tissues, also helps to maintain healthy hair and nails.

The richness of vitamin B2 in pitanga, ensures the growth of reproductive organs and body tissues like mucous membrane, connective tissues, skin, eyes, nervous system and immune system.

Support weight loss,it is a  good fruit for anyone watching weight because is low in calories.


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