Sombo (cayenne pepper)

Yields: 1 Serving

Sombo(Cayenne pepper) is a fruit with red, orange and yellow colors when they are ripen, It belongs to the genus capsicum.

It contains vitamin B6, A, K, D, and C with potassium, manganese and  Flavonoids which provides good antioxidant Properties.

It also contain calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrate,fiber,sugar and protein. Sombo(cayenne pepper) has been used for a variety of ailments including indigestion,sore throat, hemorrhoids, pain,nausea and flu.

Let’s take a look at some of the best health benefits sombo (cayenne pepper)has to offer.

The Health Benefits of Sombo (Cayenne Pepper)

1. Anti Irritant Properties

Irritation can happen in the body for any number of reasons — diet, illness, and environmental toxins just to list a few.

Ironically, sombo can help “put out the fire” and ease an upset stomach, ulcer, sore throats and coughs.

Sombo is not the cause for the formation of ulcer symptoms but a benefactor. It inhibits acid secretion,stimulates alkali, mucus secretions and particularly gastric mucosal blood flow which helps in the prevention and healing of ulcers.

2. Clears Congestion

Suffering from stuffed up sinuses due to seasonal illness or allergies? Sombo  pepper aids in breaking up and moving congested mucus.

3. Support Detox

Sombo has the ability to stimulate circulation and remove acidity,it restores the circulatory system by opening the capillaries and regulate the blood sugar.

4. Headache Remedy

This may be related to the pepper’s ability to stimulate a pain response in a different area of the body, thus diverting the brain’s attention to the new site.

Following this initial pain reaction, the nerve fibers have a depleted substance P (the nerve’s pain chemical), and the perception of pain is lessened.

5.Support weight loss

It reduce one’s appetite and helps you  eat less during the day. It also burns excess fat because it is a metabolic booster and anti inflammatory food.

6. Helps in digestion by producing saliva, which is good for digestion as well as preventing bad breath.

It stimulates the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices that aid the body to metabolize food and toxins.

7. Prevent Blood from clotting

When the arteries and blood vessels are blocked, it limit the flow of blood through the circulatory system.

Prevent heart attack, the capsaicin in Sombo helps to clear away artery, narrowing lipid deposit and dilates arteries and blood vessels. prevent heart attack.

8. Fight flu and support healthy vision

Cayenne pepper  has  beta carotene and antioxidant that support immune system,is a natural remedy for flu.

The high of  vitamin A in cayenne pepper helps in maintained healthy vision, neurological function and healthy skin,also foster cell growth.

The vitamin E helps many organs in the the body to function properly,it is extremely useful in naturally slowing the aging process and balance cholesterol,fight free radical, repair damaged skin and hair, balance hormones and increase energy level.




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