Ugba is a good source of protein

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Ugba is a good source of protein in Nigeria, Although it may be difficult to find in most countries. It is also known as oil bean.

Oil bean can be use to make salads, cook different dishes or as a highly nutritious snack.

It is traditionally prepared into a fermented snack, before they can be eaten.

Ugba is a good source of protein because it contain up to 44% of protein,with twenty essential amino acid.

17% carbohydrate, 47% oil which has been found to be rich in oleic acid.

The seeds also contain essential fatty acids within the seed oil, as well as many minerals, particularly

manganese,copper,iron,magnesium,calcium, and some amounts of vitamins.

The fermentation process decreases the levels of vitamin and minerals to the point where no phosphorus is found in ugba.

It contains saponins found in most vegetables, beans and herbs, which have been linked to lower cholesterol level.

Oil bean plant is a rich source of phytoestrogens and it can be eaten as a to control overweight and obesity.

In addition to relieving the impaired vision that comes with the eye disease, oil bean seed can also help in the prevention of cataracts.

Increased oxygenation of tissue and enhances specific hormones that stimulate the production of red blood cells important in proper cardiac function.

The unfermented oil bean seeds contain a number of anti nutritional and toxic factor

The oil bean seed  also have the potential to satisfy human protein and energy requirements.

The seeds are boiled for 5-8 hours, after which the hard shells are removed. The cotyledons are cooled, washed and shred.

These are washed again and boiled for another 1-2hours, cooled and soaked in water for about 10-12hours.

They are washed and allowed to drain for ½-1hour in a basket lined with banana leaves.

Wrapped about 40-50 g of slices using banana leaf and incubated it for 72hours at room temperature.

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  • This is ugba (oil bean) not process yet, (unfermented state.)

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