Waterleaf amazing health benefits

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Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Cook Time: 50 Mins

Waterleaf amazing health benefits to our body is one thing one should not overlook.

I saw a lot of articles written on this awesome vegetable, how it is a particular region main source of vegetable.

Waterleaf is rich with vitamin A, E, and C, iron, calcium, fiber, magnesium, potassium, Omega -3 fatty acids,  and proteins.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant that normally has its stem evident above ground.

Waterleaf contains bioactive compounds that are essential for preventing and treating various ailments.

waterleaf is an excellent source of tannins, alkaloids, saponins, and flavonoids, which suggests its potential medicinal and dietary benefits.

Waterleaf amazing health benefits 


As an Antioxidant

Flavonoids are compounded to repel free radicals. Free radicals develop by oxidation of healthy cells. Waterleaf has lots of it.

Therefore, the body needs to benefit enough antioxidants to prevent oxidation. Flavonoids in waterleaf act as oxidation.

Boost Immune System

Consuming waterleaf boost your immune system, vitamin C helps to increase body resistance to disease and restore the body’s condition after daily activity.


Support bone and Teeth health

Good calcium intake will help reduce back pain and strengthen your spine, calcium in waterleaf help facilitate the movement of nutrients across cell membranes.

Brain Function

It enhances cognitive ability, because of the presence of certain constituents in waterleaf which helps to improve cerebral blood flow and cognitive function.

Iron found in waterleaf helps also in the strengthening of the brain muscles and tissues which helps in the improvement of the human brain.

Waterleaf has some positive effects on the neurons and could help improve one’s memory and retaining abilities.


Heart health

Regular intake of waterleaf helps prevent stroke and other heart-related problems.

Remedy for weight loss

Waterleaf helps reduce one’s weight because it is low in calories and the high content of fiber in it fills the body faster.

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As a laxative

It helps treat irregularity in the body system, waterleaf has antioxidant properties which makes it useful.


Culinary Uses of Waterleaf

Waterleaf uses are versatile such as for culinary purposes, they are used to prepare waterleaf soup, waterleaf stew or sauce, edikang Ikong soup, and afang soup.

Today Let’s Look at waterleaf sauce.

Method of cooking

Put red oil in a pot, add your blended fresh pepper and garlic in the pot and fry.

Add the stock cube, salt to taste and crayfish to the sauce, stir well.

Add dry fish(optional)

Add your already sliced waterleaf and stir.

Allow cooking for 2minutes.

Serve with either short-grain rice or boiled yam or potatoes.



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  • Blend garlic, fresh pepper, together.


To get all the nutrients of this awesome vegetable, it has to be fresh and cook it with low heat for a few minutes.

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