Bean and cooking method is very simple.

Smoke fish club sandwich

9jachop style of making club sandwich.

Ugu stew served with rice

Ugu (pumpkin) leaf one vegetable everyone should always include in their food regularly. It has lots of vitamins like A, C and B12, calcium, iron,potassium, [...]

Tatashe (Bell Pepper)

Bell pepper(tatashe) is a fruit and a key element in many cuisines, it comes in variety of colour. Green, red, yellow or orange in a [...]

Plantain with ugba sauce

Plantain is a staple food that can be eaten in various ways, it is classify as vegetable. This plantain with ugba sauce is a meal [...]

Potato dish

Potato dish has become a norm with anyone that is on a weight loss journey if eaten with other vegetables. It is an ideal choice [...]